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Acnee Treatment using Smoothbeam laser technology


Many innovations have been made in recent years towards healing acne scars and removing acne itself, including Smoothbeam laser treatment. Smoothbeam lasers have been very effective in not only temporarily removing acne, but most importantly eliminating acne scars, which can often remain permanently even after acne is no longer a major problem! While there are tons of methods and products available for getting rid of acne, the scars that are left are often a much tougher problem, so this kind of innovation is a welcome treat for acne sufferers.
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How Does It Work?
How does a treatment method like this work? Well, Smoothbeam laser treatment is used to alternatively use heating and cooling methods on your skin, in the effort to heat the middle layer of the skin appropriately. This simple solution allows that layer of your skin to essentially receive the healing that it needs. Not only do acne scars benefit from this kind of treatment, but also wrinkles and other skin problems, such as sebaceous hyperplasia. This kind of procedure is very legitimate and is FDA approved, as well as being endorsed by many dermatologists who perform the procedure for patients regularly. Especially for a laser treatment, Smoothbeam treatments are very good for their low risk of side effects. The vast majority of patients who undergo Smoothbeam laser treatment will only have some mild redness for the hours immediately after the procedure. There is sometimes a level of discomfort to the procedure, but that can easily be limited by applying an over the counter cream to numb the skin before the treatment. Usually, the treatments are conducted in a series, as most dermatologists recommend a few of the treatments for best results.

Is It Right For You?
Of course, to find out whether you are an ideal candidate for Smoothbeam laser treatment, you will really have to speak with your dermatologist. He or she will be familiar with your skin type and will be able to really advise you on the potential benefits of such a treatment. Some people will not see as many results as others from the treatment, which is similar to any other kind of medical treatment in that way. However, for the majority of patients, four treatments will give the desired results that the patient was looking for. That makes this procedure one of the best ways to get rid of unsightly acne scars, so that you can feel good about your skin.


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