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Healthy News: Depression and Anxiety


+depression-and-anxiety1 Health News: Depression and Anxiety

This is health related diseases and today analysis two latest study shows that troubles with brain that can be play an important role in harms of heart. And one learn establish that concern and despair that can be raise the occurrence of angina and that can be upper body pain that sends various citizens to doctor that is said Dr. Mark Sullivan and this is a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences.

“The overwhelming focus in the United States has been on ischemia,” the blockage of heart arteries, Sullivan said. “That is pretty unique in the world. The rest of the world takes a much more multi-modal approach to chest pain. Ischemia is not the only or most important cause of what patients are feeling.”
“But in addition to the kind of diagnostic studies done with stress tests, patients who have a lot of angina should be screened for anxiety and depression, because they could be very cost-effective targets for intervention,” he said.
“This is something many cardiologists tend not to be comfortable with,” Sullivan said and “at this point in time most primary-care physicians are comfortable with making an initial trial with treatment,” he said.
“Many studies have shown that depression is a predictor of mortality after a heart attack or in congestive heart failure,” said study author Nancy Frasure-Smith. “Most studies have shown that differences in severity of heart disease between people who are depressed or not depressed do not account for the difference. One hypothesis is that people who are depressed don’t get as good treatment for their heart disease.”


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