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Health Day Diabetes Drug Story


diabetes-drug Health Day Diabetes Drug Story

This is presenting Diabetes Drug and that is really injuries in your body and health and new search are a present diabetes drug is appears to outperform EXENATIDE.

“The results suggest that liraglutide might be a treatment option for type 2 diabetes, especially when weight loss and risk of hypoglycemia are major considerations,” Dr. John Buse.

“First, it stimulates insulin production,” Madsbad explained. “Then it also promotes glucagon release from the pancreas. It also changes appetite, and therefore you eat less.”

“We want more medications that have this type of profile,” Dr. Alan Garber.

“It is very well-tolerated, has few side effects and can lead to weight loss,” Garber said. “Most diabetes medications now produce weight gain, and that is very discouraging to our patients.”

“The favorable balance in the safety and efficacy profile of aleglitazar represents encouraging short-term clinical data for this agent, and provides good evidence to enter phase III investigation,” Dr. Robert R. Henry of the University of California. Via


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