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High Protein Diet - Top High Protein Low Carbohydrate Foods For Lean Muscles


Protein is most essential of all the nutrients which help a person in building lean muscles. Without protein, the muscle and tissues cannot grow. A high protein diet does not only help to build muscles but also keeps a body healthier. This diet should be low in carbohydrate as it has saturated or trans-fat in it. A person must eat proteins like egg, milk, meat and cheese and he must avoid carbohydrates like potatoes, bread, pasta or rice which will make the body bloated.

Here is a diet which contains high protein and low carbohydrate to build lean muscles:

1. Milk- Milk is considered to have a complete protein which helps in building muscles. Drinking milk is a great way to achieve your daily protein target. A person must take milk in skimmed form. He should drink 2 cups of skim milk in a day which does not contain any trans-fat. It helps to speed up the muscle recovery after lot of workout.

2. Eggs- This is a healthy source of supplement and has a very high protein in it. Egg protein has an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients that feed the muscles and tissues to become stronger. The egg white contains 0 grams of fat. So the egg white is an excellent form of protein.

3. Fish- This is one of the best sources of protein. It helps a person to gain weight and build muscles rapidly. Fish must be eaten after baking it properly and should be taken 2-3 times a week. It also contains a very high amount of 3-omega fatty acids which is very helpful to build muscles.

4. Red meat- Another high protein diet is red meat. This meat is extremely lean and has a great source of protein. It contains iron and vitamins that can help for growth of muscles.


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