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Dr Oz's High Fiber Diet - Top 3 Low Fat High Fiber Weight Loss Diets by Dr Oz


Dr. Oz is a well known heart surgeon and suggests that a low fat diet is very good for heart as it has low cholesterol. The world cancer research fund has surveyed that this kind of diet is very good to prevent cancer and also helps in losing weight. To maintain a healthy body, low fat diet is essential for a human being to stay away from several diseases.

Taking fiber in your diet is very important for a good health. The best sources of fiber are vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes and whole grain foods. It has many benefits such as improving blood sugar control, reducing cholesterol, and lowering risk of heart disease. This will have a positive effect on the digestive system.

The five food that a person need to avoid while having a balanced diet. These are as follows:

· Trans-fats · Saturated fat · Sugar · Anything that is 'Enriched' · High fructose corn syrup
According to Dr. Oz, an individual can opt for low fat high fiber diet, but need to incorporate the following points

· Intake plenty of water. At least 8-10 glasses/day should be taken. · You should take small portions of meals and that too on time. Dr. Oz recommends eating after every 3 hours that will keep your blood sugar even. The meal should have low calorie high fiber diet which can be helpful in cutting down the body fat. · Exercise regularly and taking plenty of rest is necessary. · Add lots of fruits and vegetables to your diet. · Fiber must be added to your diet, as it will also help to reduce risk of colon cancer. · You should stop taking caffeine in your diet. · Add green tea to your diet instead of tea or coffee. · Eliminate sugar from your diet. · Oily foods must be ignored.

To conclude, one must follow this diet properly to maintain a healthy body and lose body weight quickly. It also strengthens the immune system of the body and tones the body shape, thereby providing best physique to an individual.


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