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Swine Flu Symptoms

Swine flu symptoms in children and adults.

The swine flu patients is increasing enormously throughout the world, through electronic media every one came to know about this disease but unfortunately until today no country get success to prevent this disease.

First of all what is the swine flu (H1N1)? This disease started from US somewhere in April 2009 afterwards same disease found in Russia, England, Canada, India and other countries, this disease expanding through person to person same like if you have normal flu virus.

In the first place it is very difficult to understand this virus in the patients. Because this swine flu in people are same to the symptoms of normal human flu which is includes normal fever, headache, fatigue, body paining, pain in the throat etc.

If you want to recognize swine flu symptoms in children the breathing of the children is very fast or very difficult for breathing, the skin color will become bluish or gray, the kid will not drink enough fluids, persistent or severe vomiting, children will not wake up early or he will not interact quickly, normal flue like symptoms will improve then it will return with fever and worst cough.

In adults if you want to recognize and take precautionary measures when you feel very difficult while breathe or little shortness of breath, the person will feel pain in the chest, sudden dizziness, person will become confused manner, continue vomiting, normal flu like symptoms after sometime it will back with fever and worse cough these all symptoms to identify swine flu in adults.

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